When it comes to rugs, artistic expression knows no bounds. That is the fundamental philosophy that we at Artefloor strongly keep faith with. Conceived by a group of investors experienced in the international commercial market, Artefloor was born with the object of presenting the consumer market with high-end custom-designed carpets.

As a retailer for contemporary carpets, especially of this calibre, we pride ourselves in being one of the rare few in Southeast Asia to provide this service to home owners. Furnishing genuinely bespoke carpet design solutions, what we offer is only limited to our customers’ imagination. Exclusive to those who truly believe in the quality of hand-tufted exquisiteness, whether it’s textured, three dimensional, or even multi-coloured, our rugs promise to breathe modern life into homes all around the world.

Taking on an experiential approach, we involve customers in our gallery and inspire them to create designs of their own. Apart from custom made carpets, our ready-made ones are also kept exclusive, maintaining a minimum number for every design just for the privileged few.

Artefloor. Indeed, we weave dreams.